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Ricardo, David コレクション


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  著者名・書名 版次 出版年 解題
Smith, Thomas 2nd ed. 1811 解題
  An essay on the theory of money and exchange : with considerable additions, including an examination of the report of The Bullion-Committee / by Thomas Smith
London  : J. M. Richardson
viii, 248 p.
23 cm
<Ricardo, David コレクション>

British Merchant 1810 解題
  An expose of the present ruinous system of town & country banks, and a sketch of a plan for the establishment of district banks / by a British merchant
London : William Lowrie
40 p.
21.5 cm
<Ricardo, David コレクション>

Jones, R. 1833 解題
  An introductory lecture on political economy : delivered at King's College, London, 27th February, 1833 : to which is added A syllabus of a course of lectures on the wages of labor, to be delivered at King's College, London, in the month of April, 18 / by the Rev. R. Jones
London  : John Murray
[4], 64, 4 p.
22 cm
<Ricardo, David コレクション>

1810 解題
  Analysis of the money situation of Great Britain, with respect to its coins and bank-notes
London  : J. Mackinlay
27 p.
21.5 cm
<Ricardo, David コレクション>

Mill, James 1st ed. 1808 解題
  Commerce debended : an answer to the arguments by which Mr. Spence, Mr. Cobbett, and others, have attempted to prove that commerce is not a source of national wealth / by James Mill
London  : C. and R. Baldwin
154 p.
21 cm
<Ricardo, David コレクション>

Chalmers, George 1811 解題
  Considerations on commerce, bullion and coin, circulation and exchanges : with a view to our present circumstances / by George Chalmers
London  : J. J. Stockdale
237 p. 2 illus.
21 cm
<Ricardo, David コレクション>

Mercator 1811 解題
  Considerations on the present state of bank notes, specie, and bullion / by Mercator
London  : [s. l.]
32 p.
21.5 cm
<Ricardo, David コレクション>

Ricardo, David 1st ed. 1877 解題
  David Ricardo's Grundgesetze der Vorkswirthschaft und Besteuerung / von David Ricard ; ubers von Ed. Baumstark
Leipzig  : Wilhelm Engelmann
xxxiv, 396 p.
21.5 cm
<Ricardo, David コレクション>

Wilson, Gloucester 1811 解題
  Defence of abstrant currencies : in reply to the Bullion report and Mr. Huskisson / by Gloucester Wilson (1811)
London  : John Murray
xxxv, 165 p.
22.5 cm
<Ricardo, David コレクション>

Ricardo, David 3e éd. 1835 解題
  Des principes de l'économie politique, et de l'impôt / par David Ricardo ; tr. Par F. S. Constancio
Bruxelles  : H. Dumont
310 p.
24 cm
<Ricardo, David コレクション>