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Ricardo, David コレクション


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  著者名・書名 版次 出版年 解題
Ricardo, David 1st ed. 1891 解題
  Letters written by David Ricard during a tour on the continent / by David Ricard
Gloucester  : John Bellows
105 p.
30 cm
<Ricardo, David コレクション>

Balbernie, Arthur [1810] 解題
  Miscellaneous observations, for the benefit of the empire : with annotations on steam engines, and remarks on the distillation of spirits / by Arthur Balbernie
London  : B. Rothery
117 p.
21.5 cm
<Ricardo, David コレクション>

Woods, George 1811 解題
  Observations on the present price of bullion, and rates of exchange : wherein the objections of Mr. Bosanquet, and others, to the Report of the Bullion Committee, are attempted to be over-ruled / by George Woods,...
London : Printed for R. Baldwin
iv, 60 p.
22 cm
<Ricardo, David コレクション>

Rosse, Earl of. 1811 解題
  Observations on the present state of the currency of England / by the Earl of Rosse
London  : J. J. Stockdale
95, 8 p.
22.5 cm
<Ricardo, David コレクション>

Blake, William 1810 解題
  Observations on the principles which regulate the course of exchange : andon the present depreciated state of the currency / by William Blake
London  : Edmund Lloyd
iv, 132 p.
20.5 cm
<Ricardo, David コレクション>

Ricardo, Samson 1st ed. 1837 解題
  Observations on the recent pamphlet of J. Horsley Palmer, Esq., on The causes and consequences of the pressure on the money market &c. / by Samson Ricardo, Esq.
London  : Charles Knight
43, [1] p.
20.5 cm
<Ricardo, David コレクション>

Ricardo, David 1882 解題
  Oeuvres complietes de David Ricardo / par David Ricard ; tr. Par M. M. Constancio et Alc Fonteyraud (Collection des principaux economistes)
Paris  : Guillaumin
xlviii, 707 p.
22 cm
<Ricardo, David コレクション>

Ricardo, David 1st ed. 1839 解題
  Om nationaloeconomiens og beskatningens grundsaetninger / af David Ricardo
Kjobenhavn  : C.A. Reitzel
470 p.
22 cm
<Ricardo, David コレクション>

Attwood, Thomas 1st ed. 1832 解題
  On circulating credit : with hints for improving the banking system of Britain, by a Scottish banker / [Thomas Attwood]
Edinburgh  : William Tait
210 p.
23 cm
<Ricardo, David コレクション>

Ricardo, David 1st ed. 1822 解題
  On protection to agriculture / by David Ricardo, Esq
London  : John Murray
[4], 95 p.
22 cm
<Ricardo, David コレクション>