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Ricardo, David コレクション


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  著者名・書名 版次 出版年 解題
Bailey, Samuel 1825 解題
  A critical dissertation on the nature, measures, and causes of value : chiefly in reference to the writings of Mr. Ricardo and his followers / by the author of Essays on the formation and publication of opinions, &c. &c
London  : R. Hunter
xxviii, 255 p.
21 cm
<Ricardo, David コレクション>

Grenfell, John 1810 解題
  A defence of bank notes against the opinions which have been published in the morning chronicle, cobbett's register, and a recent pamphlet, entitled the high price of gold bullion... / by John Grenfell
London  : John Walker
iv, 24 p.
21 cm
<Ricardo, David コレクション>

Crombie, Alexander 1817 解題
  A letter to D. Ricardo, Esq. : containing an analysis of his pamphlet on the depreciation of bank notes / by the Rev. Alexander Crombie
London  : [s. l.]
530-572 p.
22 cm
<Ricardo, David コレクション>

Lyne, Charle 1810 解題
  A letter to the right hon. George Rose, in which the real causes of the scarcity and consequent high price of gold and silver are stated and exemplified / by Charles Lyne
London  : J. M. Richardson
ii, 51 p.
21.5 cm
<Ricardo, David コレクション>

Copleston, Bishop [1st ed.] 1819 解題
  A letter to the right hon. Robert Peel , m. p. for the University of Oxford, on the pernicious effects of a variable standard of value / by [Bishop Copleston]
Oxford  : John Murry
102 p.
22 cm
<Ricardo, David コレクション>

Giddy, Davies 1811 解題
  A plain statement of the bullion questioon : in a letter to a Friend / by Davies Giddy
London  : John Stockdale
48 p.
22.5 cm
<Ricardo, David コレクション>

Merchant 1812 解題
  An appeal to common sense on the bullion-question / by a Merchant
London  : J. M. Richardson
69 p.
21.5 cm
<Ricardo, David コレクション>

Jones, Richard 1831 解題
  An essay on the distribution of wealth and on the sources of taxation / by the Rev. Richard Jones
London  : John Murray
[2], xlix, [5], 329, [1], 49, [1] p.
23 cm
<Ricardo, David コレクション>

Torrens, Robert [1st ed.] 1815 解題
  An essay on the external corn trade : containing an inquiry into the general principles of the important branch of traffic : an examination of the exceptions to which these principles are liable, and : a comparaive statement of the effects which... / by Robert Torrens

London : J. Hatchard
xix, 348 p. [chap.iii]
21.5 cm
<Ricardo, David コレクション>

Ricardo, David [1st ed.] 1815 解題
  An essay on the influence of a low price of corn on the profits of stock : shewing the inexpediency of restrictions on importation : with remarks on Mr. Malthus' two last publications / by David Ricardo
London : John Murray
50 p.
22 cm
<Ricardo, David コレクション>